Beagle Health: Vaccinations

Keeping up with all the right vaccines for your Beagle is just another part of being a good dog owner. It’s very important to always keep your pup up to date on all of his vaccines and keep track of dates when he needs new ones.

Why you should Vaccinate your Beagle

Well, there are two very good reasons actually.

  • They improve your dog’s ability to fight off bacteria and viruses
  • Some vaccines are required to be given by law

Vaccines are usually small and weakened doses of the bacteria or virus. Your Beagles body will react to the bacteria and start producing antibodies to fight it, making the dogs immune system stronger against it. Each vaccine has a different time period of effectiveness and others require booster shots – so make sure you keep track of the dates.

Rabies Vaccine

Rabies is not something to mess around with as you probably already know. It’s a very dangerous virus that turns fatal if left untreated. It works by targeting and attacking the brain and the nervous system of the animal. It’s contracted usually from a bite by a rabid animal that has it (squirrel, raccoon, another dog, etc.), but there are also other ways to get it.

The first rabies vaccine given to a puppy will only last a year. After that they can last anywhere from two to three years (depends on the vaccine). You will also usually be given a certificate that states that your Beagle has received the vaccine.

Possible Vaccine Side Effects

Most dogs have no side effects from the vaccine so it’s considered to be safe. However there are some cases in which the dogs given the vaccine showed signs of negative side effects like:

  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue
  • Seizures

Vaccine against Lyme Disease

This vaccine is usually administered once every year. Before you get your Beagle vaccinated for Lyme disease, you might want to take couple of things in consideration. While ticks might be a big problem in some areas, they are virtually non-existing in others.

If you vaccinate your Beagle against Lyme disease, you still should be cautious when dealing with ticks. Always inspect your dog’s coat after every walk at the park or an area with tall grass.

Possible Vaccine Side Effects

Since the vaccine just introduces killed Lyme disease bacteria into the dog’s body so it can produce antibodies to it, you may notice some side effects. Some dog owners have reported that their dogs show temporary Lyme disease symptoms a few days after the vaccine. However those symptoms go away after some time.

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