Stop Beagle Whining

It’s easy to given into our Beagles demands when they constantly whine and cry over something that they want, however we shouldn’t. Giving them attention or food every time they start whining only encourages them to do it more often. You don’t want to reward this type of behavior, but completely ignoring it is not the right thing to do either.

Since dogs can’t talk the way humans do, they have to look for other ways to communicate with us. For them the easiest way to do this is to bark, growl, howl and whine. Every time your Beagle feels the need to tell you something he will use one of these ways to get your attention. And different noises are seeking different types of attention.

Why Your Beagle Whines

Whining gets attention and your Beagle knows that very well, and It’s not his only method – howling works wonders too. Both are very important tools that your Beagle uses to communicate with you. The problem comes in when he starts abusing them.

So first you will need to identify the reason behind the dogs whining. This can be because they…

  • need something – this can include food, treats, water
  • can’t get somewhere – if they are locked out of a room or want to go outside
  • are in pain – look for any limping or other signs of injury
  • are nervous – loud noises, big vehicles, strangers

As you can see there could be a lot of good reasons for a Beagle to whine. You need to give your dog attention when he really needs it. It’s the unnecessary whining that is the problem.

What to Do When Your Beagle Always Whines

The problem with constant whining is that the dog might be asking for something that he is not supposed to have -like table scraps for example- but continues to whine and cry until he gets what he wants. If eventually he does get what he is not supposed to have, he will learn that if he continues to cry for it and remains persistent – eventually he will get it.

So how do you deal with it? Well if you know that he is whining about something that is not really important or something he can’t have,  then the only thing you can do is tell him “No” and ignore him until he gives up.

For example: If you’re sitting at the table eating your dinner and he comes up to you whining for food, tell him no and then send him to sit in his spot. Don’t give any food at all and keep sending him to sit back where he was.

Usually the Beagle will remain persistent about this -especially if his whining over little things has been rewarded in the past- but you will have to remain strong. Stay consistent until he learns that whining for little things won’t work on you.

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Sharon Becker is known for her love of the Beagle dog breed. She has been training her dogs for over 4 years and continues to help dog owners with behavior and trick training. Over the years her experience and dedication to her dogs has motivated her to participate in dog show and training competitions and even win several podium places. You can learn more about Sharon Becker by visiting her website

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  1. Anna says:

    I rescued a 2 year old Beagle who obviously slept on the couch and on the bed at night. I love the cuddling but not the hair!!

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