Beagle Shedding and Fur Loss Problems

Your Beagle’s shiny and soft coat is a great indicator of his overall health. Dogs that are happy and healthy usually have nice smooth coats that appear to glow in the right light. If you want to improve your Beagle’s coat and stop constant shedding then this article is for you.

My Beagle’s Fur is Falling Out

If you start noticing a lot of loose fur on your Beagle’s coat the most likely cause is season change. This happens usually twice per year when the dog is shedding off his old coat to prepare for the cold or hot weather. If that’s the case then there is no need for concern. All you need to do is brush the Beagles coat more often to get rid of any loose hair.

Another reason for constant heavy shedding is that the dog is feeling sick or is missing something in his diet. You can also confirm that it’s the case if your dog’s mood has changed. Here are some things that could cause heavy shedding:

  • Did you change his diet?
  • Does he spend less time outdoors?
  • Was he sick recently and still hasn’t fully recovered?
  • Does he spend the same amount of time in the sun as before?
  • Did you change his shampoo?

Changes in the diet and activity can have an impact on the dog’s coat. If he isn’t getting enough of the needed vitamins and minerals, his coat will lose its shine and you will start noticing some shedding. Strong soaps and shampoos can have a similar effect. Same goes for frequent baths.

Help Fur Grow Back

If your Beagle is constantly shedding and you’re sure it’s not caused by the season changes, then there are a couple of things you can do to improve his coat and help it regain its shine and softness.

First and most important thing is the Beagle’s diet. Is his food of high quality? A lot of the dog food on the shelves has very little actual nutritional value. If the dog’s diet is lacking in the necessary vitamins, changing his diet for a better one could have the most dramatic positive impact on his fur.

Of course you can’t forget about his activity. Take your Beagle outside more often and let him run around and play. Exercise helps relieve stress and tension, which can cause hair loss. The extra time that he spends in the sun will also have positive impact on his health.

And of course you can’t forget about proper grooming. Never use any human shampoo or soaps on the dog. The chemicals that it contains will dry out the oils in the dog’s fur and leave the coat dry. Only give your Beagle baths when he is extra dirty and always use pet safe shampoo.

Tips for Soft and Shiny Coat

Here are some tips to follow that will help your Beagle regrow a nice, shiny and soft coat:

  • Improve Beagle’s diet – Dogs need a diet that is based on foods which are high in protein. It’s also a good idea to add some dog multivitamins to his meals daily (Healthy Diet for Your Beagle).
  • Brush his coat more often – Brushing will get rid of dry loose hair that’s barely hanging on to the coat and give room to the shiny and soft fur (Grooming).
  • Change his water regularly – Make sure your dog always has access to fresh and clean water. Fresh clean water will help him eliminate toxins and bacteria out of his body.
  • Limit shampoo use – Try to limit the times you shampoo the Beagle’s coat and completely avoid using shampoos which are not pet safe. Frequent shampooing will dry out the coat and leave it dull and rough.
  • Give the Beagle plenty of exercise – As previously said, exercise will improve his overall health and that can have a positive effect on the coat (Beagle activity and exercise).

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