Beagle Escaping and Running Away

Losing your Beagle or having him escape is a very scary experience. You can’t be sure where your Beagle has gone to, if he is safe or how you will be able to find him. There are many dangerous outside the fence that your pup is most likely not ready to deal with.

Having your dog run off on his own can be very dangerous both for him and any people he comes in contact with. So please take every precaution you possibly can to prevent your Beagle from escaping and running away. Be careful when you let him off the leash or leave him outside all alone.

Don’t assume that he won’t run off just because he loves you. Anything can happen. Your Beagle can catch a scent of an animal he wants to follow, find something interesting in the distance or just wonder off and forget his way back.

Prevent Your Beagle from Escaping

Here are some tips, tools and accessories that will help you keep your Beagle safe.


Keeping your Beagle on the leash when on walks is pretty much common sense these days – in many places you’re required by law. However what should you do when you want to give him a little more room to run around and play, instead of just keeping him six feet away from you?

Well one option would be a retractable leash. These things can extend as far as 26 feet (and some even go up to 40′). This will give your dog much more room to run around and explore. They are great for parks and large fields when regular leashes come be too short.

Beagle PlansFences

Having a fenced backyard is great, but be careful about leaving the Beagle pup out there unsupervised. Beagles are fairly small dogs and love to dig. So digging a hole under the fence and crawling through won’t be too much of a problem for them. Always check the perimeter of the fence for any holes dug out by wild animals and never leave your Beagle all alone for long periods of time.

Electric Wireless Fences

These type of fences are designed to keep a dog within an area. You put on a special collar on your dog and set up the fence points around your yard. The Beagle will be free to roam around in the area without a problem, but if he crosses the invisible electric line, the collar will give a quick small electric shock and force him to get back.

Although this type of fencing is considered to be safe for dogs, it’s often considered inhumane. So putting the price of this setup aside, you should only get it if you’re ok with your Beagle receiving an electric sock every time he forgets about the invisible boundaries.

Chain – The Old School Method

Chaining your Beagle to a tree or something else that he won’t be able to rip out of the ground is another way to let your Beagle run around without letting him escape. Just make sure you tie him up with something he won’t be able to chew through.

Warning – Be Careful When you Leave Your Beagle Outside on His Own

Beagles are great escape artists. They are small, fit into very tight spots, unbelievably quick and very clever. I’ve seen these little guys open latches, doors, unlock cages and dig escape routes. They really do know how to get out if they really want to.

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