Beagle Obedience Training

Owning a disobedient Beagle can be a real pain. With proper obedience training it’s possible to turn that behavior around and turn the little trouble maker into a respectable and obedience dog.

If you want to get started with obedience training, there are three options to choose from. You can do it yourself, sign up for training classes or hire a professional dog trainer. Read on to learn about the benefits of each option.

Obedience Training

Training your Beagle to be obedient and respectful at home on your own is not as challenging as some people might think. The truth is that the dog actually wants to listen and behave to make his owner happy. He just doesn’t know how to do it. With training and praise you can show him the proper way to behave.

When it comes to obedience training, there are three methods which you must include for best results. They are:

  • Rewarding good behavior – Always reward your Beagle for doing things right. Giving him a treat for listening to you is a great way to show him that you’re happy with whatever he just did. If you don’t have any treats on you then at least praise him so that he knows you are happy with him.
  • Correcting bad behavior – Notice how I said “Correct” and not “Punish”. Punishing the poor Beagle for doing something wrong is not very effective. It can actually make things worse. Instead you should correct whatever he did wrong and show him what he should do instead. For example, if you catch him chewing your shoes, say “no” and take them away then give him a chew toy instead.
  • Teaching him new tricks – Taking out 10-15 minutes out of your day to have a short training session with the Beagle can greatly improve his behavior. It will show him that you are a good leader and help you gain his respect. Remember that the alpha dog is the one that teaches the rest of the pack how to behave and that’s the role you want to fit into.

If you start applying the above tactics, you will start noticing that your Beagle is much more behaved and respectful. He will start seeing you as the leader of the family and will actually go out of his way to make sure you’re happy and proud of him.

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Training Classes

Classes are a good introduction to training for beginners. Don’t expect to end up with the most obedient Beagle in the world by the time you’re done with the classes, but you can expect a more obedient and respectful dog.

One of the biggest advantages of signing up for dog training classes is taking your pup to a place that has other people and dogs. These kinds of social interactions will help you with socializing the puppy and teaching him how to behave in public.

Most classes just quickly go over the basic obedience training and maybe a couple of simple tricks like sit, stay and come. However a lot of dog owners don’t want much more than that anyway.

Another downside of going to a training class is that you won’t really get the one on one attention that you might need. So if you are struggling with some serious behavior issues, the trainer won’t be able to answer all your questions in detail because he will have the whole class to teach and answering everyone’s questions would just take too much time.

Hiring a Dog Trainer

The good thing about hiring a professional dog trainer is that they will be able to give you their full attention, the bad thing is that it will cost you even more than dog training classes. If you plan to hire a dog trainer to train your Beagle, here are some tips that I suggest you follow:

  • Ask them questions about the breed – Different dog breeds really do have different types of personalities. So something that might work on a German Shepherd will not necessarily work just as well on a Beagle. So don’t be afraid to ask the trainer how familiar they are with the Beagle breed.
  • Always ask why – If you want the most out of the experience, always ask them why¬† they do the things that they do. This will help you understand the training process better and it will teach you a thing or two about your Beagle.
  • Ask the trainer to show you how – Don’t just let the trainer do all the training for you while you stand and watch. You want to be the one teaching the Beagle to listen to you. You want him to see you as the alpha dog and not some stranger.

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About the Author

Sharon Becker is known for her love of the Beagle dog breed. She has been training her dogs for over 4 years and continues to help dog owners with behavior and trick training. Over the years her experience and dedication to her dogs has motivated her to participate in dog show and training competitions and even win several podium places. You can learn more about Sharon Becker by visiting her website

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  1. Patti says:

    I don’t think we have any dog training classes in our area

  2. Terri Griffin says:

    Call your nears spca in your area they have free classes.

  3. Don Laventhall says:

    I live in an apartment in NYC and have recently adobted a 1.5 year old adorable male beagle from a shelter. He’s very smart, a bit stubborn, and has a few serious issues. Not surprisingly, he suffers from separation anxiety that results in loud whining and barking whenever he is left alone, and has a bad habit of peeing inside. He let’s me know when he needs to go, but it is very frequent and I go to work. I want to train him to use the wee wee pads so he has a place to go when he is alone that isn’t the bed! Are these issues something that a trainer can help with? Can you recommend someone in Manhattan? Many thanks! — Don

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