Teach Your Beagle to Stay off the Furniture

Teaching your Beagle to stay off the furniture is something many owners try to do, but unfortunately struggle with. It’s hard for the dogs to resist the comfort of sleeping on a nice bed which makes it harder for the owner to keep their dog under control. Of course some of the benefits of owning a dog that won’t jump on furniture are worth the effort.

Why he Jumps on the Furniture

Let’s face it – sitting on the couch is a lot more comfortable than sitting on a hardwood floor. So is it really that surprising that your little Beagle can’t help himself and always gets on your furniture when you’re not looking.

A lot of puppies learn fairly quickly in their life that if they show those sad puppy eyes to their owners then they can safely sleep on their owner’s bed without worrying about being kicked off. Unfortunately this trick starts to lose its magic once the puppy grows up and the owner doesn’t want the Beagle jumping on furniture anymore.

However that desire and want for a soft comfortable bed to lie on stays in the dog. So when you’re at work or out of the house, chances are that your dog is comfortable cuddled up on the couch he knows he is not supposed to be on.

Teach him to Stay off the Furniture

Teaching your Beagle to stay off furniture is not as straight forward as teaching a trick. You can’t just have a training session where you train the puppy to not jump on the couch. Instead you will have to catch him in the act and correct his behavior.

So when you walk into the living room and see him sleeping on the couch, alert him with a firm “No!” and then tell him to get off. If he just lays there looking at you all surprised, push him off the furniture and say “Off”. Be very consistent when doing this. Never let your Beagle get on any furniture he isn’t allowed to when you are in the same room.

Your dog has his own bed and that’s where he should be sleeping. If he doesn’t like to sleep on his bed, try to figure out why. Is it comfortable enough for him? Is the bed in a good and quiet location? If not, switch things up so he feels more comfortable staying in his spot.

Sometimes the dog wants to just stay in the same room as you do. If that’s the case, put a little rug or something soft for him to sleep on in the same room. This way he can stay near you and still be comfortable while sleeping on the floor.

Additional Tips

  • Don’t bribe your Beagle with treats to encourage him to get off your furniture. You can give him a treat for going to his spot when you tell him to, but don’t lure him off the couch with it. This can encourage dominant behavior.
  • Resist the temptation to cuddle with your Beagle on those cold and rainy days. If you made up your mind that you won’t let your beagle get on your bed, don’t let him just because he feels warm and cuddly. It will confuse him and will make it harder for you to keep him off your furniture.
  • Make sure other family members know the rules as well. If only one person in the house kicks the dog off the furniture and others let him jump on, the Beagle will never learn that he is not allowed to sleep on it.

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Sharon Becker is known for her love of the Beagle dog breed. She has been training her dogs for over 4 years and continues to help dog owners with behavior and trick training. Over the years her experience and dedication to her dogs has motivated her to participate in dog show and training competitions and even win several podium places. You can learn more about Sharon Becker by visiting her website BeagleHappy.com

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  1. linda myers says:

    Bella is a rescue Beagle, age 5 when my son adopted her. We have had numerous outside male Beagles for years, then when they passed my son got a Fritzer fox terrier , he passed suddenly 2 years ago from heart failure , he is so missed.LOved, Loved him. I have no connection with this one, or maybe I should say very little. I was put out of my sons home due, to a stray girl,yeah,but I bought myself a manufactured home in Fl. m, wheree I’ve been for 14 years off and on.I had to buy some new furniture ,and I purchased nice things, then I got Bella, because the stray girl brought a dog and Bella ended up with spinal neck compression, and the only way she”d stay calm was for me to take her, so I did. So my beautiful white sofa that I bought for me and my beautiful beddings,Bella thinks she”s entitled to get on the back of my white sofa and push the down filled pillows down for her comforter and leaves me all this black hair everywhere.I had allowed her to come to my bed for a very short time until she started nesting it, so now she thinks my couch is hers, NOT!.She has a very comfy Lexington chair, and a down filled bed, she has fours throws, 2 on the chair, ! on her bed, she has the Florida room couch and foot stool and pillows that she puts on the floor, I am highly irrated with her behavior, shy of putting her back in SPCA, what do I do , My son said he’d take her awhile,should I just give up ?

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