Beagle Exercise Tips & Advice

Beagles might be small dogs, but at their core they are true hounds. This means that despite their size, they still need the same amount of care and activity as the larger hunters. In this article I will answer some of the more commonly asked questions about Beagle exercise needs and requirements.

Why your Beagle Needs to Exercise

Your Beagle needs exercise for the same reasons that humans do. Exercise helps dogs to stay healthy and it also improves their mood. Have you ever noticed how your Beagle will just lay down relaxed for the rest of the day after coming from a long walk? Mostly it’s because his body is tired and needs to rest, but another part of it is that the dog feels less stressed, anxious and restless.

Not only will exercise improve your dog’s health, but it will also help him relax his mind. Dogs that stay home all day with nothing to do are more likely to cause trouble. That is because they feel restless and agitated. Playing games which involve a lot of activity, like chase or fetch, will improve the Beagles physical and mental state.

Exercise Requirements

So how much exercise do Beagles need exactly? Well it depends on their age and current weight. Young puppies don’t really need any special kind of walks or runs outside to stay active. They will pretty much exhaust themselves just from running around and playing all day.

However once your Beagle gets a little older, It’s highly recommend that you take your dog out for an hour or two outside where he can run, play and explore. If our dog is already starting to gain some extra weight, giving him less food might not be enough. Take him out for runs and walks to help him shed the extra pounds.

Tips for Keeping Your Beagle Active

In addition to just walks, you can also include games and other activities to keep the Beagle active. Here are some additional tips and ideas that will get our dog moving.

  • Take your Beagle with you on your jogs. He probably will want to stop and smell anything new his nose senses, so it’s better to jog only in familiar territory to reduce distractions.
  • Teach the Beagle to fetch. It’s a fun game and it involves a lot of running for the dog. It’s the perfect game that focuses on exercising.
  • Bring him along whenever you need to step outside. Even if it’s something as small as going outside to wash your car, take him out with you.

Know any other fun ideas or activities that you can do with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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