Healthy Beagle Food

Proper diet and nutrition will determine your Beagles mood, health and even help extend his lifespan. Lack of needed vitamins in the dog’s diet can leave him constantly tired and depressed.

So what kind of diet do Beagles need and how much should you feed them? Read this article to learn more about beagle food, diet, and healthy weight.

Beagle Food Diet

There are two options that you can pick from when choosing the right diet for your Beagle. You can either purchase dog food at a pet store, or you can prepare your Beagles meals yourself at home.

Pet Store Food

Big brands make it easier for us by packaging everything we need in a bag. No need to prepare, cook or worry about the ingredients. The food is ready for your Beagle as soon as you open up the package.

  • Canned Food – If you had to ask a Beagle to pick between canned and dry kibble, he would run straight for the canned food. It smells better, probably tastes better and does not require as much chewing. The only downside is that it’s soft and mushy. So make sure you give him plenty of hard chewables if you decide to go with canned dog food.
  • Dry Kibble – Dry kibble might not be as appealing for the dog, but it costs less and provides him with the nutrition that he needs. It also gives the Beagle something hard to chew on which is good for their teeth and jaws.

Home Made Dog Food

Not everyone has the time needed to prepare nutritious food for their dogs themselves. It takes time finding the specific ingredients, following the right recipe, finding room in the fridge to store the leftovers. It’s just screams too inconvenience.

However the homemade dog food has a huge advantage over prepackaged dog food. When you prepare the food, you know exactly what’s in it. You are in complete control of how much of everything your dog eats. So there is no worrying about what kind of preservatives and chemicals are in his kibble or if the “meat” they used was something you would want to give to your dog.

So if you have the time to make your Beagles food yourself, please do so. It’s a much healthier option and your dog will appreciate the better tasting food. Just make sure you follow a good recipe and add a multivitamin for proper nutrition.

Puppy Food

You’ve probably already noticed at the pet store that all the big brand dog food is separate for puppies and adult dogs. Puppies have their own mixes and the adult dogs have slightly variation. Does that mean you can’t feed puppy food to an adult Beagle or regular food to a puppy? Not necessarily.

You can give your Beagle puppy or adult food regardless of his age – however it might not be such a good idea. The puppy formula is usually more calorie and protein dense. This is to help puppies grow and give them refuel their energy due to their need to constantly run around and play. Have you ever seen a puppy sit still except when he’s sleeping? Me neither, this is why the puppy formula is perfect for them.

The reason you wouldn’t want to give this formula to an adult Beagle is because they already have reached their growth size so they don’t need the extra proteins and calories. Unless they burn the calories up, it will start turning into fat and you don’t want that happen.

Beagle Weight Loss

Proper nutrition is not enough to keep your Beagle lean and healthy. If the dog doesn’t get enough exercise each day, his body will start building extra weight and that can only cause problems. Obesity can be just as bad for dogs as it is for humans. It can lead to diabetes, spine problems, joint problems and more.

So how exactly do you help your Beagle lose the unnecessary weight? Well you need to start with a diet. Start cutting back on how much food you give to your dog. Don’t make a drastic change though or he will constantly walk around hungry looking for food. Just a small decrease in the amount of food should be enough.

The next step is to get your Beagle more exercise. Start jogging with him, take him out on more walks or play more games that involve lots of activity. You can learn more about exercise on this page.

Keep progress of the dog’s weight to see how you’re doing. With time he should lose enough weight to be his normal, happy and healthy self again.

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