Beagle Crate Training and Use

Crate Training a Beagle

When someone mentions crate training their dog, most people automatically assume the person is talking about housetraining the pup using a crate. That certainly is one way to use a crate, but there are a lot of other benefits of crate training a Beagle puppy.

Crates and Their Use

If used properly, your Beagles crate can serve more than one purpose. It can be used as a training tool, sleeping area and even a transportation device. It’s not a necessity, but depending on your goals it could come in useful for you.

Sleeping Area

Dogs actually prefer sleeping in small enclosed areas because they feel safer. That’s why dog houses only have one small opening area for entering and exiting. So a crate could be a very good place for your Beagle to sleep and feel safe in. And if you’re worried about comfort, just lay down a soft blanket inside the crate for them to sleep on.

Training Tool

Sometimes you just can’t risk leaving a Beagle puppy home alone for an hour or two. If given the chance these little rascals can destroy and chew up a lot in that short period of time. So leaving the puppy in a crate, while you run out for groceries, is good way to keep your furniture safe.

Some may argue that locking up a dog in a crate while you’re gone is cruel, it’s actually not that bad if you don’t leave him stuck there for too long. And again, you will only need to lock the crate while they are still being trained. After they learn that they can’t chew or go potty indoors, you can leave the crate door unlocked at all times. That way they can sleep in there if they want or they can roam around the house and play with toys when they feel bored.


Not all dogs handle car rides too well. Having a “portable” bed that you can take with you in your car can be very useful, especially for those long rides. The Beagle will be able to sleep in their own beds and you will be able to drive in peace without worrying what your dog is up to.

Tips on Crate Training

Buy a crate that’s big enough – You don’t want it to be too tiny, otherwise the Beagle will have no leg room and will have to sleep in uncomfortable positions. Get one that’s not too large but has enough room for the dog to stretch his legs comfortably.

Respect his Crate – Don’t move it from room to room. Put it in a certain spot and leave it there. He needs to feel like it’s his own personal little spot that he can go to for comfort whenever he wants. Don’t mess with him while he is in there either. Otherwise he will look for another spot that he will feel more comfortable in.

Don’t leave him locked up in there for too long – If you leave the Beagle locked up in the crate for too long he will start associating it with a punishment jail cell instead of a comfortable bed.

Cover up every side of the crate except the entrance – Lay a sheet or a blanket on top of it so that each side is covered up except the entrance. This will give him that cozy and safe feeling when he’s in there.

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