Train a Beagle to Come on Command

If you’re tired of chasing after your Beagle all the time, then it is time you teach him to come to you on command. Owning a dog that listens to you and comes when called is very important for safety of your dog. So continue reading if you want to know how to train your Beagle to come to you when you tell him to.

Before you Begin

Before you can teach your Beagle to come on command, there are a two things that would be helpful if your Beagle already knows.

  • Recognize his name – Your dog should know his name and know you are talking to him when you say it.
  • Should know how to sit and stay – It’s not absolutely necessary but it will make training a lot easier.

And of course you will need some motivation for him to listen to you. So get some delicious dog treats that you know he can’t resist and get to it!

Teaching your Beagle to Come on Command

The best time and place to start practicing this command is at home while your Beagle is bored. Don’t do it when he is busy playing a game, or having the time of his life chewing through a delicious treat just yet.

  1. When the dog isn’t paying any attention to you, call his name and say the command. If he is bored enough, he will happily run over to you with is tail wagging. If however he just looks at you and doesn’t come right away, show him that you have something in your hand that he might like.
  2. Reward him with some praise and of course the treat that you have been holding on to. Now he will probably want some more treats and will continue to follow you in hopes that you give him more delicious food. So get him to sit and stay while you leave to another room.
  3. Once you get out his sight, repeat the last two steps again – call him over and then reward him for it. Keep practicing this for a total of five to eight times before giving him some rest. Have two or three of these training sessions a day until he gets better at it.
  4. After he starts listening to you at home, try this command out in different locations, like your backyard for example. Just make sure you only let your Beagle off the leash in a closed off location until you are completely confident that he will come to you when called.

Additional Training Tips

Call him randomly throughout the day – The best way to make this command almost instinctual for the dog is to practice it throughout the day at random times. Just make sure that you always reward him for it.

Call him to you while he is playing, just to let him go back to his fun – This will show the Beagle that coming to you is even more rewarding than having fun. By stopping his fun and coming to you, he will get a yummy treat and then he gets to go back to his fun if he wishes to.

Don’t ever punish or scold your dog after he came to you – if he starts to associate punishment with the command, he won’t want to come to you. Instead he will run around to avoid the punishment.

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Sharon Becker is known for her love of the Beagle dog breed. She has been training her dogs for over 4 years and continues to help dog owners with behavior and trick training. Over the years her experience and dedication to her dogs has motivated her to participate in dog show and training competitions and even win several podium places. You can learn more about Sharon Becker by visiting her website

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  1. Chris says:

    I have a female 21 month old beagle who won’t come, and barks quite a bit. I want to train her to respond to our commands. She was pretty good 6 months ago but her behavior has deterioted.

    Any thoughts on how to get her back in a good path??

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