Beagle Care and Training 101

Training and caring for your Beagle is a big part of being a responsible dog owner. Your Beagle depends on and it’s your job to take care of him. In this article I will go over some of the more important aspects of Beagle care and training along with some tips to help you along.

Health and Diet

Want your Beagle to live a long, happy and healthy life? Well you should start paying a closer attention to your dog’s diet. Most of the common dog food available on the market right now is not as good as it claims to be. A lot of the food contains harmful preservatives and additives that are known to cause health problems. Why does this happy? Because it’s profitable

Now I’m not saying that all dog food on the market is harmful, but a good chuck of it is. That’s why I always recommend that dog owners start cooking food for their dogs themselves. But of course not everyone has the time to do it. So if you can’t home-cook your Beagles meals, pay close attention to exactly what is in your dog’s prepackaged food and don’t just trust the “Healthy”, “Natural” or “Organic” labels on the front of the package.

Diet plays a huge role in your dogs wellbeing and overall health, which is why I always recommend for new owners to learn about a healthy diet for their Beagle dog before they do anything else.

Exercise and Activity

Beagles might be small dogs with really short legs, but they still need daily activity and exercise to stay healthy. Taking walks, going out for a jog and playing with your puppy daily will help improve the dog’s physical and emotional state. If they don’t get enough activity, they tend to cause more trouble due to stress, anxiety and all of the unused energy.

Exercising with the Beagle will also help prevent obesity. Obesity is a common problem in a lot of the smaller dog breeds because it’s easier to over-feed them. And the extra weight can cause heart problem, joint pains and back ache for them. So make sure your Beagle gets the exercise that he needs to stay healthy.

Care and Grooming

The good news is that Beagles are pretty good at keeping themselves clean. Their coats can stay shiny for months without any baths if they don’t get too messy. That bad news is that these dogs love to get messy. Their nose will lead them through mud, puddles, bushes and dirt. Guess who will end up cleaning all of that up? That’s right, it’s you!

Since it’s not a good idea to bathe them too frequently, I suggest that you brush down your Beagle every week. It will get rid of loose hair and dirt, which means less hair on your clothes and furniture. Only give your dog a bath once every 3-5 months and only use shampoo that was specifically designed for dogs. If he gets himself dirty between his baths, you can rinse most of the dirt off with water, no shampoo necessary.

Also pay close attention to the dogs nails. You should cut/trim them whenever they start growing too long. Broken nails are one of the most common problems that veterinarians see. So pay close attention to the dogs paws and don’t let the nails grow out too large.

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Obedience and Training

Obedience training is also part of “Beagle Care” despite of what some dog owners might think. As a responsible owner, it is your job to teach the dog how to behave himself around his new human family. Dogs have instincts to dig, bark and chew and you have to teach them when it’s appropriate to do those things, and when it is not.

So please don’t neglect training. It will improve the relationship between you and your dog. And let’s face it, which dog is easier to own – the dog that listens or a dog that misbehaves and does whatever he wants. Remember that obedience training is necessary if you want a well-behaved dog.

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About the Author

Sharon Becker is known for her love of the Beagle dog breed. She has been training her dogs for over 4 years and continues to help dog owners with behavior and trick training. Over the years her experience and dedication to her dogs has motivated her to participate in dog show and training competitions and even win several podium places. You can learn more about Sharon Becker by visiting her website

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