Beagle Separation Anxiety

When people talk about separation anxiety in dogs, they usually mean the dog gets anxious whenever left alone. Some dogs get anxious when left for hours, others start to panic within seconds of being alone. It depends on the dog and his perception of being alone.

Beagles that suffer from separation anxiety and are left home often turn to destructive behavior. They do this to keep their minds focused on something else besides the fact that they are alone.

Some common symptoms of Beagle separation anxiety include:

  • Destructive chewing
  • Barking and howling
  • Whining and crying
  • Constant pacing
  • Restless behavior

Keep in mind that there is no need to panic if your Beagle is showing any of these symptoms. He might be chewing or barking because he feels bored, not because he fears being left alone.

How to Deal with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a real problem that needs special attention. You can’t just leave your Beagle locked in a room alone for hours in hopes that he gets over his fears. This type of approach will only make things a lot scarier and stressful for him.

Instead you need to take smaller steps and gradually make the Beagle feel more comfortable when he is alone. It will take time for him to get over his fear and you need to be patient with him during the process.

Start off by leaving him alone for only short periods of time. Don’t leave long enough for him to get worried. Only go out for enough time so he notices you’re gone but not long enough for him to start to panic, even if the Beagle can stand to be alone for just five minutes. Remember that you are building up for longer departures, so start small.

When you come back, don’t pay much attention to him and just carry on with whatever you were going to do. Then after some time, leave again but this time for just a bit longer. Keep doing this so that the Beagle gets used to staying home alone.

With time and practice, your dog will learn that being home alone is completely normal and that it’s not something he needs to panic about.

Additional Tips and Advice

Leave him toys to play with – If the Beagle has plenty of toys to play with when you’re gone, he will have less time to think about the fact that he is left home alone. Just make sure that he finds those toys interesting enough to play with.

Leave the radio playing – The sound of someone else speaking can be very calming to a dog with separation anxiety. Leaving some calm music or the radio playing can distract him and make him feel less lonely.

Keep valuables out of your Beagle’s reach – If he has separation anxiety, it’s a good idea keep your expensive electronics and other valuable items hidden. If the dog feels lonely and scared, he is likely to find something to keep himself distracted, which often involves destructive chewing.

Be patient with your dog – You have to understand that the dog is now barking, chewing or messing up your house for fun. So shouting or yelling at him for doing so would be unfair. Take time with him and show him that being left home alone is not a big deal.

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