Living with a Beagle in an Apartment

Just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean that you can’t own a dog. You can still provide your Beagle with everything that he needs living in an apartment or a house. As long as you pay attention to the dogs needs and are a responsible owner, your living location doesn’t matter that much.

Having said that – there are some obstacles that you might face living in an apartment with a Beagle. Most of them however can be easily solved or even avoided.

Challenges of Living in an Apartment with a Beagle

Here are some of the common challenges that you might face. Please note that some of these can still apply even to those that live with a dog in a house.

No Backyard

Beagles are very energetic dogs despite their small size and that means that they need room to run around in and play. Having no backyard to let your Beagle out in can be a problem, but if you take your Beagle for daily runs it shouldn’t matter. Another solution would be to take him out to a park more frequently. Parks are great for exercise.

Barking and Howling

Since your neighbors will be right on the other size of the wall, things like barking and howling will be even more of a problem. Of course with training, it’s something that you will be able to keep under control.

No Dogs or Pets Policy

Many apartment complexes won’t allow dogs or any animals for that matter. Others will only allow smaller dogs. Check your lease to talk or your landlord about their policy on pets before you bring home a dog.

Not Enough Room for a Dog

Although your Beagle doesn’t require his own separate room, he still needs room for his bed, bowl, toys and room to roam around in. Make sure you’re prepared to give up some space so that your little guy can feel like he has a safe place of his own.

Additional Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips that you might find helpful if you live in an apartment complex:

Talk to your neighbors about owning a dog before you get one – Since you live right next to these people, it’s better to maintain a good relationship with them to avoid any problems.

Introduce your Beagle to your neighbors – This will help socialize your puppy and introduce him to the people he will be seeing quite frequently. Just make be sure to be courteous when doing this and don’t bug them if they are busy.

Clean up after your Beagle during walks – No one likes stepping in poop and if there is any around your apartment complex, you can be sure that you will be blamed for it.

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