Beagle Allergies

It’s not uncommon for dogs to have allergies, similar to the way people have them. Some of the symptoms can be very obvious while others are not that easy to spot. If your Beagle is suffering from the same symptoms constantly, he could be allergic to something that he comes in contact with on a regular basis.

You can’t exclude anything when trying to figure out what is causing your Beagle’s allergic reaction. Things like food, bed stuffing, certain plants, shampoos and bugs can all be the cause of the symptoms.

I’ve even seen a dog that was allergic to a certain type of weed that was growing in the backyard of their own home. The owner had to replant his whole lawn just so that his pooch could safely play outside the house again. Who knew that something so simple could cause so much trouble?

Allergies are a genetic problem and any dog can develop them no matter how well they eat, how much exercise they get or how healthy they are in general. The best thing you can do is get rid of the thing that is causing your poor little Beagle pup to suffer.

Symptoms of Allergies

The easiest way to spot an allergic reaction is to look for the signs of it. Sometimes you will see all of the symptoms present, other times only a few. It all depends on the exposure to the things the Beagle is allergic to. Here is a list of a few things you can watch out for:

  • Frequent ear problems – Ears that never seem to stop itching or frequent ear infections could be a sign that your dog has some allergy problems.
  • Excessive paw licking and biting – Sometimes the paws can get so itchy that the dog will keep licking his paw long enough for a rash to develop.
  • Gas problems and diarrhea – this can happen to everyone, not just our dogs. Often times it’s no big deal and is caused by something that your Beagle ate that he wasn’t supposed to. However if this is a frequent problem and you notice other symptoms then it’s worth investigation.
  • Runny and itchy eyes – teary eyes are usually nothing to worry about, but again if this is accompanied by other symptoms then it could mean your dog is allergic to something that he comes in contact with.
  • Frequent sneezing – Dogs sneeze just like we do, and most of the time it’s nothing to worry about. However if you notice that your Beagle is starting to sneeze a lot more often than usual then it could be due to allergies.

If you suspect that your Beagle is suffering from allergies, ask your vet for a skin or a blood test. It will help determine if it’s really the allergies that are causing these problems or something else.

Common Allergens to Watch Out For

Although there are a number of things that can cause allergies, I put together a list of the more common ones here:

Certain Foods

Beagle FoodThere is a large variety of foods that dogs can be allergic to and often times it’s more than just one. Certain meats, grains and vegetables can cause the symptoms while others are just fine. Also a lot of the dairy products can be a problem too.

The best way to test if your Beagle is allergic to a certain food is to start off with a very basic diet (rice, chicken and some type of a vegetable mix) and start adding other ingredients one by one to until the symptoms come back. This will give you a better idea of what your dog can eat and what you should avoid giving him.


Dogs can be allergic to any particular tree, flower, weed or any other type of plant or a large variety of them. If the symptoms tend to come on during certain season of the year, it is very possible that they are caused by outdoor plants. Unfortunately exposure to this is much harder to control (compared to food or other types of allergies).

Soaps and shampoos

Since different brands usually use different ingredients in their shampoos and soaps, switching brands would be the easiest way to determine if your Beagle is allergic to his bath products. So try out different pet safe shampoos and see if the symptoms go away.

Dust, mold and cleaning products

Sometimes the cause for your Beagles allergies could be a part of your very own home. Vacuuming, timely filter changes and regular cleaning could reduce or eliminate the symptoms completely.

Flees, bugs and other pests

Nobody likes having pests around, especially those that are causing you to suffer from allergies. Bug bites are a common cause of allergic reaction. I had one of my dog’s whole leg swell up because of a small bug bite.

Other allergens

Listing all of the things that can cause allergic reactions would take up too much room. Nearly everything you see (or even don’t see) around you could be the culprit. Certain fabrics, rubber, plastic, medication or other things your Beagle comes in contact with could be setting off the symptoms. Talk to a veterinarian about available tests and suggestions to help your Beagle deal with the symptoms.

Getting rid of Your Beagles Allergies

Unfortunately you can’t get rid of your Beagle’s allergic reactions. This is a genetic problem that you will just have to deal with. There are only two things you can do to help reduce or prevent the symptoms from happening:

  1. Reduce or eliminate your Beagles exposure to what’s causing the allergic reaction – Sometimes it’s as easy as changing your dog’s diet, other times it’s nearly impossible to reduce the exposure.
  2. Talk to a veterinarian about allergy medication – if your Beagle is allergic to something that you have very little control over (like seasonal allergies to certain plants) then your only other option is allergy medication.

Again, please discuss things with your veterinarian before you decide do anything. He or she will be able to guide you on what you should do in your particular situation, so don’t feel nervous about asking questions.

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