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Our website has been written and designed for Beagle dog owners like ourselves. When making this website we wanted to build a place where people could learn more about Beagle training, care, health and anything else related to this wonderful breed. So welcome to our little website and we hope you enjoy your stay. Don’t forget to bookmark and share the information with other people if you find it helpful to help us grow!

Beagle Training and Obedience

Here at BeagleHappy we believe that Beagle training should never be based on punishment, yelling or hitting your dog. Positive reinforcement and corrective training are the only training methods that you will find on this website.

Positive reinforcement will make it easier for your Beagle to learn and remember what you teach him. If they feel rewarded for listening to their owner, they will want to obey. Sure you can get the Beagle to listen through punishment and yelling, but it will only make your dog obey out of fear and not out of love and respect.

If you add in corrective training to the mix, you will have no problem teaching a Beagle new tricks and correct disobedient behavior. Corrective training is different from punishment based training because the goal is not to punish the dog for not listening, but instead you correct his behavior and show him what he should be doing.

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Obedience and Behavior Training

Beagle Care and Health

When it comes to Beagle health and care, the two of the most important factors that come into play are diet and exercise. In order for your Beagle to live a long and happy life, you need to feed the puppy high quality food. Proper nutrition is an absolute must if you want to see your dog to stay healthy.

Exercise is also very important for these dogs. You have to understand that despite their small size and short legs, they are still true hounds. This means that this breed needs activity and exercise as much as it needs food and water. So be sure to give the Beagle plenty of time to run, play and exercise daily.

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  1. Patrick K Shoener says:

    My Beagle Snoppy has a bad habit of biting anyone who puts their face near his, is this the breed, or do I have a 8 year old grumpy dog, has happened 3X’s, to good friends of his, and including me!!!! Please advise. Patrick Shoener.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I love beagles!

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